Human CD34 (Dual)

CD34+ stem cells are multipotent and can give rise to all cell types in blood. CD34+ cells are most known for its expression on hematopoietic progenitor cells found in bone marrow and cord blood. Donors are injected with a combination of Plerixafor and G-CSF, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce a large number of hematopoietic and progenitor stem cells and mobilizes them into the peripheral blood stream. CD34+ cells are isolated using positive immunomagnetic cell separation procedures from a mobilized leukapheresis collection.

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CD34+ Stem Cells, Mobilized-Dual,5M,Cryo

SKU M34C-GCSF-MOZ-2-19055063
Product Code: M34C-GCSF-MOZ-2
Size: 5 M Cells
Disease State: Normal
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