B-LCL 1-5M cells

SKU BLCL-1038-5205NV21
Product Code: BLCL-1038
Size: 1-5M cells-vial
Source ID#: 153
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Age : 34
Blood Type : O+
Gender : Female
Ethnicity : Caucasian
HLA-A (Allele 1) : 2:1
HLA-A (Allele 2) : 31:1
HLA-B (Allele 1) : 15:1
HLA-B (Allele 2) : 57:1
HLA-C (Allele 1) : 3:3
HLA-C (Allele 2) : 6:2

Additional Donor Information:

B Lymphoblastoid Cell lines are derived by infection of PBMC with Epstein-Barr virus. The virus immortalizes B lymphocytes. It typically is not shed from cells but cultures should still be handled under Biosafety level 2 conditions.

Female, CMV positive and Fc gamma RIIIa 153-F/F. This donor is allergic to lorabid and cats. She also has a history of allergy to dust mites and local pollens.