Anti-Tetanus Toxoid ASTC, 1-2M cells

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Product Code: ASTC-1075
Size: 1-2M cells-vial
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Age : 31
Blood Type : O-
Gender : Female
Ethnicity : Caucasian
HLA-A (Allele 1) : 2:1
HLA-A (Allele 2) : 2:1
HLA-B (Allele 1) : 35
HLA-B (Allele 2) : 56
HLA-C (Allele 1) : 1
HLA-C (Allele 2) : 4

Additional Donor Information:

These CD4+ T cells are specific for a peptide (QYIKANSKFIGITEL) derived from tetanus toxoid bound to HLA-DRB1*01. They also recognize whole tetanus toxoid but only when presented by dendritic cells, not B-LCL.
The T cells proliferate when stimulated with antigen and APC. They also produce IFNg, IL-5, IL-10, and IL-13.

Healthy female donor, CMV negative. 5′ 10″ tall, 210 lbs. Her genotype at Fc gamma RIII alpha 158 is F/V.