Anti-CMV CD4+ ASTC, 1-2M cells

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Product Code: ASTC-1122
Size: 1-2M cells-vial
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Age : 31
Blood Type : A-
Gender : Female
Ethnicity : Caucasian
HLA-A (Allele 1) : 2:1
HLA-A (Allele 2) : 2:1
HLA-B (Allele 1) : 18:1
HLA-B (Allele 2) : 40:1
HLA-C (Allele 1) : 3:4
HLA-C (Allele 2) : 7:1

Additional Donor Information:

When stimulated in vitro with CMV lysate antigen, these CD4+ T cells show a specific proliferative response along with secretion of IFN-gamma, IL-5 and IL-13, but not IL-10. A majority of the T cell population are CD45RO+, CD45RA-, CD62L+, CD127+ and CD28+.

Healthy CMV seropositive female non-smoker. She takes Flonase for seasonal allergies. Genotype at FcgRIIIa is F/F