How to Order

Placing an order with Charles River is now easier than ever with our simple 4 step process.

Contact Your Sales Rep or Request a Quote

The Charles River salesforce – a powerful mix of Business Development Executives (BDE) and Account Managers (AM) dependent on territory coverage – are here to assist you through your ordering and order fulfillment process. Our BDEs and AMs have an extensive knowledge of our product catalog and are available to guide you in selecting the best products and services for your drug discovery and process development needs. Please contact the corresponding BDE or AM according to your location listed below. Please note that your assigned BDE or AM may vary depending on factors such as shipping location.

Alternatively, once you register on our website you may also place an order for cryopreserved products using our shopping cart.

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Select Shipping Method

Preserving and protecting your products during shipping is of the utmost importance. That is why we offer various packaging and shipping options to ensure that your products arrive safely and on time.

Standard Shipping ContainersShipping Methods
Cool BoxFedEx (default)
ThermoSafe Insulated ContainersQuickStat
NanoCoolWorld Courier
Cryoport LN2 Transport DewarsApollo Courier
And more...Biocair
And more...

Charles River can follow client provided shipping pack outs and protocols as well as work with your preferred shipping vendors.

Review, Sign, and Return New and Improved Product Order Form (POF)

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Because we are shipping live biological products, we need to confirm order information to ensure the biological material do not perish while in transit. A POF is our order confirmation document which ensures that your highly sensitive materials arrive at the correct place and time according to your specifications. Therefore, upon completing the order, a customer must submit the POF.

The form was constructed with four main sections to capture the pertinent information regarding your order.

  • Shipping Info: Confirming your shipping address and method is critical to ensure the live biological material is delivered to the right place at the right time. Any discrepancies will default to the address listed on the POF. Please be sure to check the box to confirm the shipping address is correct.
  • Billing Info: To ensure a seamless payment process, confirmation of payment method is required prior to shipment of material.
  • Product Information: Final review of requested products, receipt date, and confirmation of shipping temperature for each product.
  • Sign and Date: Signing-off on the POF indicates that above information is correct and that you agree to Charles River’s Terms and Conditions which states that biological products provided are intended for research use only and not for direct therapeutic or diagnostic use in humans or animals, or for further manufacturing of therapeutic products or devices.

Charles River will begin recruitment and schedule a donor for collection based upon receipt of a signed POF and purchase order/payment.

For GMP-compliant products, a POF is not necessary. Rather, additional agreements between Charles River and the customer may be required to ensure proper product, quality, and regulatory requirements are met.

Submit Payment

Charles River accepts payment in U.S. currency. Payments in the form of company checks, cashier checks, money orders, and credit cards (American Express, Master Card, Visa) are accepted. Please make checks payable to Charles River. Payment is to be made in full to Charles River within 30 days of invoice. If paying by credit card, please contact our accounts receivable department at 877-397-3087.

A signed POF with payment information must be submitted prior to donor scheduling or shipment (inventory products).

Documentation Included with Your Shipment

When you receive an order from Charles River, there will be standard documents included with the shipment. What to expect in a shipment:

  • Packing slip
  • Product Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Prepaid dewar return labels and instructions (if applicable)

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In an effort to provide a more comprehensive overview of every product we produce, we have redesigned and streamlined our COA.

  1. Product Information: New fields include unit volume and vessel type for all products. For fresh material, collection date, start time and end time, and processing date have been added. For cryopreserved material, cryopreservation date is included.
  2. Donor Information: COA now includes BMI and available HLA results. Please note that the displayed HLA results are from a donor’s previous screening(s), therefore not all donors may have results. Charles River can provide results of other donor criteria, such as CMV and EBV, for an additional fee.
  3. Flow Cytometry Analysis/CBC Information: Improved flow cytometry will be provided for all cryopreserved products and fresh isolated cells. Flow cytometry will be performed on validated instruments using a new qualified, automated method. Software advances allow for consistent gating and display of cell populations across users, instruments, and time. In addition, the new antibody panel comprises recombinant antibodies with mutated Fc regions demonstrating lot-to-lot consistency and elimination of background binding to Fc receptors. All these improvements will allow Charles River to deliver the most robust, consistent enumeration of leukocyte populations.

Post Sales Support

Charles River strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by offering excellent post-sales support services. Our technical support team is available to help with scientific related product questions. Technical/Scientific support can be reached at (877) 944-4362. In addition to in-person customer/technical support, we have readily available product notes, protocols, and infographics for more information regarding our products. Please visit the Resources section of our website to access available documents.